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Fashion Bracelets - Page 2 of 2
(9 bracelets on this page)



A word about the trendy leather bracelets on this page: 

The leather I use to create these bracelets is either Greek or Euro and is all good quality.  The magnetic clasps, toggles and bars, sliders and other metal components are generally pewter with an antique silver, brass or copper plating. 


If you like to go with fashion trends, these fun and easy leathers are for you!  They are all priced well and can be worn by almost any age group.  Wear a bracelet alone, or pair it with another.  Try adding silver, gold or brass bangles to the mix and you're an instant fashion success! 


NOTE:  I am no longer making leather bracelets to order......unless you live in the Rochester, NY, area and can come to my studio for a fitting.  I have a variety of bracelets already constructed from which you can choose.



Jodi in Black                                 Jodi in Red




click images to enlarge


Thick, black or red round Euro leather is doubled over on itself and loops around a curved serpent-shaped hook, forming a very attractive leather and antique silver plate bangle.  The bracelet is at home with jeans or trotting down the bridle path.  No matter where you go, it's arm candy that is sure to garner attention.

  •  width of bracelets are approximately 10mm or 7/16 inch

Price for Jodi in Black: $26.85 + shipping and handling + NY State sales tax, if applicable. 


Price for Jodi in Red:  $29.63 + shipping and handling + NY State sales tax, if applicable.



Heather  (wrap leather bracelet - 3 different metal finishes and 4 choices of leather)


Heather 1) Multicolored leather with         Heather 2) Black leather brushed with

antique brass sliders and  magnetic          silver;  antique silver plate sliders

clasp - also comes in antique silver           and magnetic clasp                        












click images to enlarge 



  • Each bracelet's leather strips measure approximately 14 1/2 inches - 15 inches and gets to wrap around most wrists twice before closing with the secure magnetic clasp.
  • The width of the band that is formed by the two strips of leather before wrapping is approximately 13mm or 1/2 inch.


Home on the range, galloping down a trail, roaring down the highway on a Harley, or just a trip to the grocery - all these places and more are fit for you to don this snazzy group of leathers!

Price for each bracelet: $41.67 + shipping and handling + NY State sales tax, if applicable.  


Left:  Patrick

Right:  Sam








click image to enlarge




You didn't think I would forget about the man in your life, did you?  Here are two handsome, bold and masculine leather bracelets with antique silver plate components, each bracelet with its own strong magnetic clasp.  Width of leather band is approximately 10mm.

Price for Patrick:  $38.89 + shipping and handling + NY State sales tax, if applicable.


Price for Sam:  $25.00 + shipping and handling + NY State sales tax, if applicable.


Madelaine  (2 photos)




click images to enlarge 


Made up of three, flexible, 5mm, strands of black, flat leather with "hourglass" antique silver plate slides, this great-looking bracelet boasts penache and presence.  With jeans or casual clothing, this beauty is right at home.



  • width of bracelet:  almost 3/4 inch
  • antique silver plate, strong, magnetic clasp

S O L D - gone to a good home.  Another can be made. 

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