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Fashion Earrings - Page 2 of 6 
( 6 pairs of earrings shown on this page ) 
What a Customer from NY had to Say about her earrings

" Last night I went to a dinner party and wore the silver earrings with the turqoise and immediately received compliments on them and everyone wanted to know where I got them. So, I am going to send your information to the three women in addition to some other friends........................P.S. I love my earrings that I bought from you! " (Linda)

Just Gemstones: Green Agates*

(1 photo) 




click image to enlarge 


These sliced oval gold-dipped green Agates are translucent and show off the concentric graining that is so familiar to the stone.  Each dangle from a 14K gold-filled lever back ear wire with 3mm gold-filled balls at the base of each ear wire.


Simple design - elegant earrings.  What more could you ask for?

  • length from point-of-entry into ear:   right earring is 50mm long;  left earring is 53mm  *(Because 1 earring is slightly shorter than the other, if your ear lobe piercings are not equal to each other, these are the pair of earrings for you!  They look fabulous on me because my piercings are not equal - one hole is lower than the other, so I simply put the shorter earring on the lower hole and the longer earring on the shorter hole.  Voila. They now appear equal in length!
  • width at widest point:  approx. 15mm

S O L D - gone to a good home.

Ruby Red #2  (1 photo)



click image to enlarge


I have crafted these incredibly gorgeous earrings before and have had several requests for me to repeat them, so here they are in all their glory!


Two beautiful puffed and faceted diamond shaped rubies have been hand cut in a square pattern and are bezel set in vermeil (karat gold over sterling).  Each dangle from 14K gold-filled French ball ear wires and support two elongated and faceted Ruby Jade teardrops.  Additional beads and spacers of 14K gold-filled and vermeil complete these stunners.


Royal, sophisticated and unusual are the adjectives I would use to describe these fabulous pieces!

  • length from point-of-entry into ear:  a little over 3 inches  (75mm)
  • width at widest point (ruby diamond): approx. 3/4 inch  (approx. 18mm)

Price:  $75.00 + shipping and handling + NY State sales tax, if applicable.     


Orchids  (1 photo)



click image to enlarge


Light as a feather, these lovely, base metal orchids have been plated in a gold* with a slight wash of white, settling in the creases and valleys of the flowers.  For a little sparkle and punch of color, I added 4mm, Peridot Swarovski bicone crystals where stamens would be. 


These lovelies float from medium length 14K gold filled kidney ear wires.  Everything articulates for a very flirty look.

  • length from point of entry into ear:  1 3/4 inches
  • width at widest point:  1 1/16 inch

Price:  $36.10 + shipping and handling + NY State sales tax, if applicable. 

The orchids in the above photo appear to be a brighter gold with orangey tones than they actually are.  The real color of the gold is much softer.


Maxi Flash!  (2 photos)  (1 pair earrings)


detail view















click images to enlarge 


These fun and unusually shaped sterling silver ear wires support two gorgeous, clear, 14mm Swarovski crystal rivolis, which have been set in sterling silver crown bezels.


Wear Maxi Flash any time of the day or evening and for any occasion.  They are versatile, and because they have no color they will go with anything in your wardrobe.  As the name indicates, these earrings have maximum sparkle!!

  • length from point-of-entry into ear:  38mm  (1 1/2 inches)
  • width at widest point:  14mm  (approx. 1/2 inch)

Price:  $42.59 + shipping and handling + NY State sales tax, if applicable. 


Rio Rancho (1 photo) (1 pair earrings)




Like your basic black dress, here is a lovely pair of sterling silver and faceted, Black Onyx teardrop earrings.

Truly, these earrings can be worn with just about anything and in any season of the year. The shiny, sterling silver, flattened triangular coils offer a cross between modern and ethnic dressing, and the French ball lever back ear wires gives you comfort and security from loss.

  • length from point-of-entry into ear: 73mm (almost 3 inches)
  • width at widest point: 12mm (9/16 inch)



S O L D - gone to a good home. 






click image to enlarge






click image to enlarge 


Sleek and eye-catching, these sparkling beauties are sure to garner lots of attention.  Cradled by a 22mm, hand-hammered and domed sterling silver disc, the diamond-like, clear, Swarovski crystal setting shines like no one's business! 


Comfortable with jeans or a cocktail dress, these go-anywhere earrings are sure to please.

  • sterling silver components including the kidney-shaped earring wires
  • Swarovski crystals
  • length from point-of-entry into ear:  51mm  (2 1/8 inches)
  • width at widest point:  22mm  (a little over 3/4 inch)

Price:  $45.36 + shipping and handling + NY State sales tax, if applicable. 


* A shorter version of Dazzle, called Mini-Dazzle, looks just the same as the original, only shorter - with an overall length of 40mm (a little over 1 1/2 inches).  Width is the same as the original.  

Price:  $40.74 + shipping and handling + NY State sales tax, if applicable.