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You have navigated to my Featured Jewelry page.
On this page you'll find photos of jewelry for sale that I personally craft as well as pieces that are crafted by other manufacturers that tie into the fashion for the current seasonHave fun exploring the possibilities! 

According to a reporter from the National Jeweler Newsletter, dated 1/15/2013, drop earrings dominated the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards, held Saturday, January 12th, 2013.


While diamonds were the stone of choice, there were many actresses and high profile women wearing gemstone earrings in pink, tourmaline colors, emerald, amethyst, quartz and metals.



Leather has also made a comeback in the fashion industry.  Some designers are making dresses and tops with leather sleeves. Byonce wore a leather and lace teddy at the Super Bowl half time show, and many high profile jewelry designers are making leather bracelets.


Below are just a few of the available drop earrings and leather bracelets that I have crafted which are in keeping with today's fashions.


For more information on the DROP EARRINGS, please go to the Green Navigation Barto the left of this page. Click on the category of Fashion Jewelry, and then please click on Fashion Earrings and Couture Earringsas well as the category of New Arrivals and you will find the earrings you desire.


For more information on the LEATHER BRACELETS, please go to the Green Navigation Barto the left of this page. Click on the category of Fashion Jewelry, and then click on Fashion Bracelets as well as the category of New Arrivals (Page 5) and you will find the leather bracelets you desire.




The prices listed do not include shipping and handling or NY State sales tax (8%), if applicable. Sometimes errors in the posting of prices are made, no matter how careful I am to record the exact prices.  I reserve the right to correct the error(s) and make the necessary adjustments to the pricing.


Drop Earrings and Leather Bracelets

Silver Feathers



Bronze Age 2


Marcia - Silver Shade


Bronze Age 3

($50.00)   sold

Foxy Feathers 2


Mac, the Knife 2


Mini Metro 6


Couture: Chantiza


Blue Lagoon


Couture: Pieces of the Puzzle 1



Couture: Pieces of the Puzzle 2


Couture: Goldstone Teardrops


Couture: Ruby Red Marquise($133.33)

Couture: In the Pink


Couture: Dusty Blue


Couture: Golden Fibers

(long only: $121.30)

Couture: Majestic Chalcedony


Couture: A Rose is a Rose


Couture: Black Knight


Just Druzies - Peach and Rhodium

($66.67 each pair)


Sea Foam Green


Just Druzy Sticks


Rio Rancho


Romance: Lacy



Fired Agates


Puffed Chalcedony


Turquoise Chalcedony


Couture:  Starry Nights


Blue Druzies



Flashes of Blue


Crystal Shade


Marquise and Purple Druzies




leather bracelets

($30.56 each)

Barbara 1, Linda 


Marcia K #3


Gold & Copper Wafers


Alison: Black & Silver

leather wrap bracelet



Alison: Brown & Camel

leather wrap bracelet



Heather: Multicolor

leather wrap bracelet




leather wrap with charm

 Heather: Black & Silver leather wrap bracelet


 Barbara 1 and Linda 2 and 3

leather cuff-like bracelets

Barb 1 ($32.41)

Linda 2 and 3  ($30.56 each)


Heather 4 and Heather 3

leather wrap bracelets





Coop (left)  Marcia K (right)

leather bracelets

($38.89 each)


Patrick (left) ($38.89)

Sam (right) ($25.00)

leather bracelets


Jodi in Black

leather bracelet


 Linda (left) Joan (right)

leather bracelets

($30.56 each)


Charmed #3, Buddha


 Charmed #4


To see more leathers, or read about my leather bracelets, go to Fashion Jewelry, click on Fashion Bracelets Page 2.  





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