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Playfully sophisticated handcrafted jewelry

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New Arrivals


Click on Page 3 in the Green Navigation Bar to the left for my newest jewery pieces.






Click on Page 8 in the Green Navigation Bar to the left for my latest adjustable choker necklace.





 Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend!


My newest venture in jewelry creation is working with diamonds.  Yes, you read right - diamonds!  I am not a stone setter, so I am locating various diamond components that I can turn into finished jewelry.  In addition, I have posted several diamond and gold pieces from a top New York City jewelry designer as well as several pieces from a fine jewelry manufacturer.  The prices are fabulous, as you will plainly see!


As for my own creations, I have posted several finished pieces to my website, but I am on the hunt for more great-looking diamond components at a fraction of jewelry store costs and will post them as soon as they are finished. 


Go to the Green Navigation Bar on the left of this page, click on Diamond Jewelry and then explore! More will be added monthly.  Here's just one of my own diamond creations:  


click image to enlarge



Watch for Even More Jewelry Constructed from

Fabulous Druzies!!!!


What is a druzy? It's a layer of tiny quartz crystals that form on a host stone when silica water enters the pores of the stone and then forms tiny crystals. This process happens over a very long time.  


These crystals reflect light and can appear like tiny diamonds embedded into the surface of the stone, especially when viewing the stone in the sun or some other light source.


Example of a pair of Druzy Earrings

click image to enlarge



You have just navigated to my New Arrivals section.  Here you will find my recently constructed handmade fashion jewelry as well as new pieces of fine jewelry. 


As I make new jewelry, it will be placed on the pages of this section for your viewing pleasure, and then placed on their appropriate pages in this website.  The same thing will occur with new pieces of fine jewelry.


If you want to see what's just been added, click on each individual New Arrivals page...........and enjoy the view!



My Couture Collection  can be found in a separate category under the heading of Fashion Jewelry and is also distributed throughout the New Arrivals pages


To get to the Couture Collection category, please click on Fashion Jewelry  in the Green Navigation bar to the left, and then click on Couture Collection.