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Playfully sophisticated handcrafted jewelry

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(6 items of jewelry shown on this page )


Several items of jewelry on this page need to have written descriptions.  I'm working on that



Ultimate (Maxi)



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 Price: $102.78 + shipping, handling and insurance charges + NY State sales tax, if applicable.



Ultimate (Mini)



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Price: $59.26 + shipping, handling and insurance charges + NY State sales tax, if applicable.


All Wrapped Up - Sterling  (1 photo)



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All that glitters is not gold.  Well, not in this case anyway!  Wrap your wrist twice in almost one ounce of sterling silver curved tubes and beads.   Wear it alone, or pair it with thin bangles for a modern look.


One of the best parts of this bracelet is that there's no clasp to fuss with and when you remove it from your wrist, it springs right back to its original, coiled self. Yea!


Fits almost all wrists.

Price:  $102.78 + shipping and handling + NY States sales tax, if applicable. 



Black Tourmaline & Quartz  (1 photo)



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Black Tourmaline is an unusual-looking stone.  It belongs to a family of aluminium borosilicate which is mixed with other metals, i.e. iron and magnesium.  The colors of Tourmaline may be black (as in this case), red, brown, blue, violet, green or yellow, depending on the amount of the other metals present in the stone.  Black Tourmaline has ridges and striations that generally run vertically, but sometimes also have diagonal striations.  This rough specimen has both.


The 30 inch long, 3mm wide, diamond-cut, sterling silver curb chain is substantial and ends in a sterling silver toggle and bar clasp.


Description of pendant:

The articulated Black Tourmaline pendant is in a 4 prong setting of sterling silver and is connected to a bezel set, horizontal, clear Quartz, oval stone which has a flat table and is cut in a sunburst pattern.

  • length of pendant, including bail:  4 inches
  • width of pendant at widest point:  1 1/8 inch



Black Tourmaline (or Schrol as it is also known) is an excellent crystal for healing and is also known as a talisman for protection.

Price:  211.10 + shipping and handling + NY State sales tax, if applicable.


Tassel Necklace 2  (2 photos)



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I LOVE this necklace as much as I love Tassel Necklace #1.  Unfortunately, I am not sure if the focal bead is a stone or a piece of ceramic material.  Whatever it is, I don't care. It's a beauty and substantial! 


The long, flat, drawn steel cable chain has an antique brass finish.  This station chain has two 6mm, banded Fire Opal beads. An additional two Fire Opal beads along with two Vermeil daisy spacers complete the focal bead, which finishes with a handmade tassel consisting of 10 antique brass, tiny, dog bone shaped link chains.

  • length of chain (not including large, circular ring and pendant):  32 inches
  • length of pendant, including large, circular ring :  6 1/2 inches
  • width of pendant at widest point:  3/4 inch


This is another must-have, neutral color tassel necklace for all wardrobes , and is especially well suited for casual wear. 

 S O L D - gone to a good home.



The Ancient Ones 3  (3 photos)


Full view                                         Front of gold charm            Back of gold charm


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  S O L D - gone to a good home.