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Fine Silver Rings




Fine Silver Stackable Rings (2 photos)


Fused with a Micro Torch, hand-hammered with a variety of hammers and metal stamps, many of these fabulous stackable rings have also been oxidized to show off their patterns and textures. 


You'll love them so much that one ring just will not do!  Have fun stacking them on all your fingers!  I had a ball making them!


click image to enlarge




detail view of some stackable rings



click image to enlarge



Some Information and Pricing on Stackable Rings


I use four different gauges (thicknesses) of fine silver wire to construct the rings: 

16 gauge(thinnest); 14 gauge(slightly thicker than 16); 12 gauge(slightly thicker than 14); and 10 gauge(thickest of all 4 gauges).  The thicker the wire the more fine silver and the higher the price.


The thickness of the wire is one factor in determining the width of the band, so a 16 gauge wire will give you the thinnest band (approx. 1mm wide) and a 10 gauge wire will give you the thickest band (approx. 2.5mm wide).  


All the stackable rings have some texture: bumps, lumps, creases, swirls, dots, stars, moons, etc., and many of them are oxidized (darkened) to show off the textures.  Some have no oxidation at all, allowing the shine of fine silver to be present. 


I cannot guarantee that what you will receive will be exactly like the photos you see on this page because everything is done by hand, and no two rings will be alike, however, they will be very similar to the photos.  You can tell me if you want shiny rings with no oxidation, or a variety of rings (shiny, oxidized, heavily hammered, etc.) and allow me to pick some out for you from the descriptions you give me.  I will also need to know your ring size.  If I don't have your ring sizes in stock, I will have to make them for you, so please allow additional time for construction.


Oh!  I almost forgot to tell you how fine silver is different from sterling.  For one thing, it is 99.9% silver while sterling is 92.5% silver.  Sterling has another alloy in it, and that alloy is usually copper.  Copper causes the sterling to tarnish.  Fine silver doesn't tarnish!  Yea!!!!!!    It is also softer than sterling, but I hammer the heck out of the silver bands so they become work hardened and stronger.



  • 16 gauge:  $15.00 each + shipping, handling & NY state sales tax, if applicable
  • 14 gauge:  $17.00 each + shipping, handling & NY state sales tax, if applicable
  • 12 gauge:  $23.00 each + shipping, handling & NY state sales tax, if applicable
  • 10 gauge:  $34.00 each + shipping, handling & NY state sales tax, if applicable 


You may email me at, or call me at 585-381-8192 with all of your information so I can supply you with fabulous, stackable, fine silver rings!   


* Due to the fluctuation of the gold and silver market, the prices on the rings may change as I order new fine silver wire stock.