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What Customers Say About Razzle Dazzle:
  • " Dear Joan, I love the earrings - Thanks! "  (Linda, Pittsford, NY)


  • " I did get it (leather bracelet) on Friday and (my sister) loved it!  Thank you! "  (Debbie, VA)
  • " hi joan, the necklace (diamond) is very nice.  have had several compliments and enjoy wearing it.  it gives me a little lift."    (Wendy, Rochester, ny)
  • " Joan -  The necklace (Murano: Watermelon) arrived safety and is gorgeous.  I did get to try it on but (my husband) has now hidden it until February (my birthday). Thanks again.  I'll tell everyone where it was purchased......Your website is gorgeous."   (Jan, Chapel Hill, NC)
  • " I’m going to two parties in a few minutes.  I’m wearing the earrings I bought from you yesterday.  They look great!  Thank you. "  (Lois, Rochester, NY)


  • " Gave (granddaughter) the necklace last night............she loves it.  Her mother loves it even more!! "  (Marcia, Rochester, NY)
  • " Hi! Thank you so much for the gorgeous necklace!!!!  So glad I decided on that but any of the others are equally gorgeous.  Can’t wait to wear it!!  I’m sure I’ll come back for more pieces! " (Sheri, Rochester, NY)
  • "  I can't wait to get the necklace.  It is going to be gorgeous!! ....
    Your jewelry is fabulous! (Marsha, Wilmington, DE)


  • " All I can say is WOW!!!  It is gorgeous and I love it!  I cannot wait to wear it.  It is even more fabulous in person than in pictures. Thanks so much! "  (Marsha, Wilmington, DE)
  • " Hi Joan,I am a huge fan of your work...and much to my surprise, a friend purchased a beautiful necklace for me last Christmas from your collection.I would love to have you design a pair of earrings to match. " (Cathy, Caledonia, NY)
  • " It (the necklace) arrived today in perfect condition!!! Sandy and I were looking at your website for at least an hour last week "oohing and aahing" and I made sure my husband heard me loud and clear.... Good Earth 2. I was hoping he would put it on my anniversary or Chanukah wish list. Wow, he gave it to me "just cuz" !!!! "  (Sally, Springfield, MA)


  • " Hi Joan.  Just a short note to tell you how beautiful your collection is. No doubt you have just grown your talent out of the box in the almost 10 years that I've known you. It's now total perfection and brilliant..........congratulations on another beautiful array of work".  (Enid, Boynton Beach, FL)
  •  " Yes, I gave her the necklace and she LOVES it. It is, indeed, the one she wanted.  Thanks so much for checking up on it. And just so you know, I told her you were a riot and we'll have to come back for the earrings when you have time for coffee and more stories! "   (Robin, Rochester, NY)


  • " Hi, Joan.  Just wanted to let you know I am wearing the pink "Cherish Today" loving it!  I am so happy with all of the bracelets I've bought from you!  So glad I've been able to get to know you, too!!  Look forward to Clothesline!!! "  (Sheri, Rochester, NY)


  •  "Hi!  Just wanted to let you know I'm really enjoying wearing the reptile bracelet! Love it!  Got me thinking that I may want to buy the "sister" bracelet -- you had me try it on....with the silver on it also in the shiny "merlot" leather."  (Sheri, Rochester, NY)
  •  " Thank you, Joan, for the bracelet.  I love it.  The colors are really cool.  I wear it a lot along with all the other jewelry I got from you.  Thank you, again. "  (Jordan, Brighton, NY)


  • " Hi, Joan!   am loving the leather bracelets! Glad my daughter Rachel wants one and I am  hoping Renee will too! "  (Sheri, Rochester, NY) 
  • " I did (receive the earrings)!  Very nice packaging, by the way.  I'm wearing them (earrings) today, and love them! "  (Joanie, NY)
  • "Joan,
    I recieved the ring (diamonds and gemstones) today. It's beautiful and I love it! The size 7 is a perfect fit. Thank you so much for getting it to me so promptly. I'm enjoying it already!  (Keri, Houston, TX)


  • " Nice earrings in the newspaper ! By the way, Kristen loved her dangle earrings and necklace !!!  (Pat, NY)

  • " Joan, the crystal (pendant) was a WOW. She loved it. We talked about coming to see you about getting a new chain. "  (Bob, Rochester, NY)


  • " I meant to email you right after I pulled them out of the mailbox (stackable rings) but got distracted! The rings are gorgeous and just what I imagined!  I knew you would pick the perfect ones. I can't wait to see (daughter's) reaction on Christmas morning. The follow up story of ' this lovely artist named Joan' will be just as exciting. Thank you!  P.S. Now I want some! "  (Michelle, Atlanta, GA)


  • " Joan, she absolutely loves (the rings) and has not taken them off since Christmas morning! I just knew they were perfect! "  (Michelle, Atlanta, GA)
  • " was truly a pleasure having you as one of our vendors, and we all enjoyed getting the chance to visit with you.  Your jewelry is beautiful, and I heard quite a few ladies talking about your jewelry  last night, and it was in a very positive way.........."   (organizer of a country club's holiday bazaar, 2012 - Rochester, NY)


  • " Got my them!!!!! "  (Kathy, Ft. Lauderdale, FL)


  • " Joan, I love the new stones in my earrings. U did a great job. Luv, luv them.  Thanks - see u at the party. Wear all your jewerly. "  (Linda, Rochester, NY)
  • " OMG! GORGEOUS!!! SOOOO impressed by your talent. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE silver hoops with turquoise. "  (Aimee, NY)


  • " I love them!! I can't wait for the others (earrings). Thank you, again. "  (Marcia, Rochester, NY)


  •  " The earrings are one of my favorites! The Turquoise was perfect for the Carribean! Thanks again for putting together my "special order"!! "  (Judi, Fairport NY)
  • " My girlfriend LOVED the earrings I gave her. Another friend of mine may be contacting you to purchase something also! "   (Judi, Pittsford, NY)


  •  " I adore them (earrings). Wearing them today, too :) "   (Karen, NY)
  • " Thanks, Joan. I love my new earrings. I don't buy a lot of jewelry, so I'm really excited. " (Daphne, Brighton, NY)


  • " Joan, I got the package today and I am very pleased….they look beautiful….just like the pictures !  I can’t wait to wear them……..thank you !! "  (Peggy, Walnut Creek, CA)


  •  " Happy Birthday to me!! Love my present (druzy ring) and so did everyone else. Told them where to go! Thanks again xoxo "  (Ronnie, Brighton, NY)
  • " OMG  OMG  OMG!!!  Joan, I love all the jewelry I've received from you and these earrings are no doubt just as amazing!!  I LOVE THEM!!!.................I wore the other pair (earrings) this Mother's Day to school (it was conference day) and every one of the mom's remarked how cool and/or beautiful they are. "   (Jackie, Paramus, NJ) 
  • " Last night I went to a dinner party and wore the silver earrings with the turqoise and immediately received compliments on them and everyone wanted to know where I got them.  So, I am going to send your information to the three women in addition to some other friends........................P.S.  I love my earrings that I bought from you! "   (Linda, Rochester, NY)
  • " Hi.  It (the earrings) worked out great!  She loves them and was very surprised...thanks again."  (Peter, Pittsford, NY)


  • " Thank you (Mom) so much for the awesome usual, your taste is perfect and I love them!!!  (Joan) really makes the coolest stuff! "  (Jackie, Paramus, NJ)


  • " I love the earrings.  I receive numerous comments / compliments when I wear them! "  
    (Valerie, Pittsford, NY)


  • " She loves it (necklace). Everyone at her work complimented her on it. Thank u again."  (Jon, Pittsford, NY)


  •  " I wore (the necklace) yesterday and it looked perfect.   I will try to send you a pic. Thanks again."   (Joyce, Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
  • " My new earrings are not just beautiful, they are sensational! I adore them, and in fact just took them off!..............these are without a doubt THE VERY BEST GIFT I'VE GIVEN MYSELF in a very long time! Thank you so very much for doing these for me.  They are just absolutely PERFECT! "   (Enid, Boynton Beach, FL)


  • " Hi Joan.  Thank you for sending the email.  I noticed the piece I have in the golden Austrian crystal. I bought it at the museum show.  I just love it. When is your next show? "  (Andrea, NY)


  • " I'm wearing them (earrings) as we speak!  I love them and they look very nice on me, if I do say so myself! "   (Ellen, Brighton, NY)


  • " Joan, I absolutely love the (dichroic star) necklace!!!  Thank you so much!  It is perfect!!!!  I am wearing it right now and am receiving compliments from everyone in the have me hooked!!!!  Thanks!! "    (Alicia, Cary, NC)


  • " As you can see, (photo) she loves the necklace!  And those were her words when she opened the box."  (Mary Alice, Pittsford, NY)


  • " My mom LOVED the necklace.  Thank you so much! "    (Tara, East Hanover, NJ)


  • " I just love the earrings and glad you were able to order circles to make them both like the original."  (Bobbi, Wilmington, DE)


  • " Hey, Joan, I just got back yesterday to find your beautiful earrings!  They are wonderfully made and are just the new bling I need for my spring wardrobe.  I wore "Mary Ellen" to a Bruce Springsteen concert last night.  Perfect!  Thanks so much. "  
    (Ginger, Atlanta, GA)


  • " Hi, Joan!  I love the namebadge necklace.  It's perfect!  I like the clip that you put works like a charm..........I am beyond satisfied.  Thanks."   (Alicia, Cary,NC)


  • " The (earrings) are gorgeous!  I'm wearing them today!  Thank you so much for such great service!  Do they come in gold? "   (Diane, Upstate NY)


  • " Hi, Joan.  Thanks so much for being my "jeweler of choice! "  (Rita, Fairport, NY)


  • " Joan - Your jewelry is beautiful!  I absolutely love my anklet and the necklace is stunning!  It's my first matching set and my favorite color, too.  Thanks so much and I'm proud to wear it everywhere. "     (Heidi, Atlanta, GA)


  •  " Hi, Joan.  I love my earrings.......they're beautiful.  Thank you so much. "   (Julia, Syracuse, NY)


  • " Hi, daughter loved her "Dream" necklace...........I will continue to tell people about your jewelry.  It is fantastic."    (Rita, Fairport, NY)


  • " Christina loves the necklace. What great service! "   (Barbara, Rochester, NY)


  •  " Great Job.  Beautiful jewelry.  I bought a bracelet from you at the Museum show, and get compliments EVERY time I wear it. "     (Bernadette,  Rochester, NY)


  •  "  I got my necklace Saturday and it is simply beautiful.  I love it and it will always have special meaning to me.  Thanks so much for everything Joan."   (Dianne, NY)


  • " Your jewelry is gorgeous !......with much appeal for all .  I think I have told you this before ~ but just in case, .....every time I  wear your purple glass earrings, I get stopped at least 3 times a day .  (People ask me) where did you get those ? They are so beautiful !!!  Your name is often spoken by me...........sooooooo now you know ! "       (Jackie, Fairport, NY)
  • " It's fun working with you. I love what I got yesterday. Can't wait to wear those earrings--definitely this weekend. "   (Helen, Pittsford, NY)


  • " Hi Joan!  Thanks so much – I can’t believe you were able to pull together exactly what I was looking for!! "   (Tammy, Pittsford, NY)


  • " I love my new earrings.................thank you! "   (Marcia, Pittsford, NY) 


  • I emailed a pic of the necklace to my friend's mom and she LOVES the necklace!! She thinks it is a perfect gift !!!!! THANK YOU!!!   (Marne, Rochester, NY)

  • " Thank you Joan!  I am excited about wearing my earrings and giving the other beauties to my sister................ I'm really looking forward to giving her the 4 fortune cookie boxes with the beautiful earrings inside and will enjoy seeing her reactions as she opens each one.  Thanks again for your time and your creativity--it was fun!!! "   (Linda, Rochester, NY)