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Playfully sophisticated handcrafted jewelry

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About Us



Welcome!  We are delighted you came to my website! 



Who makes up Razzle Dazzle?

Razzle Dazzle is made up of two individuals:  My husband, Bob, who hails from Massachussets, and me, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  That's it - just the two of us, working together to bring you fashionable, sophisticated jewelry, hand-crafted and assembled by me, Joan V. Parker, in a wide variety of materials for day and evening wear.   Although Bob is a scientist by trade, he is also my bookkeeper extraordinaire, giving me the freedom to think, dream and create!


About Me

I have had many years of art experience, starting from the tender age of three!  As with most children, drawing with crayons and painting with tempra paints were my introduction to the visual arts. As I grew, so did my choice of materials: graphite, pen and ink and colored pencils. Over the years, I have added fashion illustration, ceramics, printmaking, photography and jewelry-making to my rich experiences. I taught drawing to teens at the Memorial Art Gallery's Creative Workshop (Rochester, NY) and worked as an Interior Design for a local furniture store. While living in Philadelphia for a short time, I did home store display for a major department store.


I continue taking jewelry-making courses, honing my skills and introducing new ones to my ever-growing repertoire. My passion is creating the finest fashion jewelry I can, rich in design, techniques and materials, as well as offering loose diamonds, diamond and gemstone jewelry at excellent prices, for you, my treasured customers. Without you, there would be no Razzle Dazzle!


How long has Razzle Dazzle been in business? 

I have been crafting jewelry since 2002.  It started very simply with 68 handmade glass bead napkin rings for a relative's wedding.  How hard could that be??? By the 68th napkin ring I was quite well as quite bored with that repetitive process!  It was then I decided to craft one-of-a-kind and limited editions of jewelry designs, which almost always guarantees that I will never get bored and will continue to be challanged.  I create with great enthusiasm and it's my hope that this enthusiasm is reflected in my work.


What materials are used in my jewelry?

The metals I use are fine silver, sterling silver, vermeil (gold plate over sterling), copper, brass, bronze and 14/20K gold-filled.  Good quality gemstones, druzies, Bali and Thai sterling beads and components, fresh water pearls, Marcasite, lampwork and dichroic glass, Swarovski and Czech crystals, glass beads, lots of chains and shells find their way into my earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.  I hand-cut, hammer, stamp, texturize, fuse and oxidize many of my fine silver, sterling silver and copper components.  Most recently, I've been working with gemstones that have been dipped in 24K gold and with leather string.


Does Razzle Dazzle make Fine Jewelry (karat gold, diamonds, etc.)?

No, I do not craft fine jewelry, however, I carry Fine Jewelry in 14K and 18K white, yellow and rose gold from several well-respected manufacturers of fine jewelry. Many of these stunners are set with diamonds, gemstones and pearls.  I can also show you loose diamond and colored gemstones, all of which come from a manufacturer who is a subsidiary of De Beers diamonds. 


The diamond jewelry pieces I have selected and placed on my website are of fine quality, versatility and timeless.  As with all the jewelry you will see on my website, the pricing of these quality pieces is excellent.  I doubt you could find better pricing anywhere!



If you have an item of fashion or fine jewelry in mind and you don't see it on my site, contact me to discuss your jewelry needs.  I would love to either create that special piece of fashion jewelry for you or find the perfect fine jewelry accessory for whatever the occasion might be.  Get in touch with me so we can explore the endless possibilities! 


A Special Letter from a Customer and Friend:


Dear Friends of Razzle Dazzle,


Welcome to the website for Razzle Dazzle, the on-line showcase for Joan V. Parker's wonderful, handcrafted jewelry. Joan has given me permission to write a few words about this website and her work.


Joan is a true artisan, and like most genuine artists, more than a little reticent about tooting her own horn. Therefore, allow me to toot.


Joan's work embodies a combination of qualities rarely found in handcrafted jewelry, and rarely, if ever, found in the price range that she offers.


Her pieces offer a versatility found only in the most expensive hand hewn jewelry. She creates bracelets and necklaces, occasionally with matching earrings that can be worn in a myriad of ways to achieve an infinite variety of looks and moods. With Joan's pieces, one is limited only by one's own fashion imagination.


Joan brings a unique combination of fashion sense and artistry to her work. Trained in techniques such as metal stamping, fusing, oxidizing and hammering, she is a true original, making use of a wide range of materials from the natural and rough hewn, to the delicate and sublime.


Through the use of precious and quality metals, gemstones, pearls, Swarovski crystals, a variety of exotic glass and druzy stones, Joan crafts pieces both distinctive and wonderfully wearable.


As you peruse this website today, let your imagination run wild. You are being given the opportunity to own pieces of work created by a truly gifted woman at amazingly reasonable prices. Razzle Dazzle is a treasure trove for fashion-savvy women who don't want to break the bank!


Sukey Baker,

Author and Artist                                                    

  About Pricing:


The prices of all the items in this website are subject to change, without prior notice, due to the ever-changing market of precious metals and gemstones.


As careful as I tend to be in recording information and pricing, there is always the possibility of typographical errors, and I reserve the right to correct those errors without prior notice.


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